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Wood Oven Warehouse can provide you with a quote for a made-to-measure gas burner for your oven, to do this we need some information from you ascertain the most suitable model at the best price.

Any competent gas fitter who is commercial catering class 3 (COMCAT3) can fit this for you, it is not a difficult installation. Full instructions are provided in several languages.

Please answer the following questions regarding your current oven specification and we will get in touch regarding price, availability and delivery time:

Drago Gas Burner Information

Drago is a multi-gas atmospheric burner designed specifically for wood-fired ovens by Avanzini Bruciatori s.r.l., a company that has been operating successfully in the production of bakery ovens since 1960.

In this atmospheric burner combustion relies on natural chimney draw, like wood does; the flame created by Drago’s special total pre-mixing firing system is well diffused and very bright. The natural combustion ofDrago is unmatched by other products on the market in terms of uniform cooking throughout the oven surface and cost-effectiveness as shown by the test reports issued by IMQ.

Drago is extremely silent and operates continuously and unlike the blown-air burner it has no fan, which is a source of noise and requires frequent maintenance. Drago is the only burner that does not protrude inside the oven, because it is installed inside the oven floor; the advantage of this is enormous because it is not visible to customers and does not get overheated like other burners where the flame diffusers need to be replaced periodically.

Drago is totally automatic and easy to operate with the advanced Drago Control control unit, it guarantees maximum operating safety and fast oven heat-up. Drago has two separate flames easily controlled from the external control unit, which is installed in the position that is most convenient for the user. The burner starts automatically on first flame, which is the one used for maintaining oven temperature, while the second flame is used for fast heating and during peak cooking times, for maximum operating economy and reduced fuel consumption as Drago has pilotless ignition, eliminating a source of hazard and unnecessary consumption.Drago is used by the most prestigious manufacturers of wood-fired ovens and, with its different versions, can be applied to any brand or type of oven on the market.

All Drago control units and burners are fire tested and adapted to the technical specifications of the oven where they will be installed. Every one of our products undergoes strict internal quality checks throughout every construction phase; each step is registered in the self-control chart that accompanies every burner to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

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