Step by Step Guide

A photographic useful step-by-step wood fired oven photo assembly guide


Step 1
Build a reinforced base.

Please note this piece is not included and has been shown purely for illustration purposes. It is too heavy to pick up and too risky to send out on the pallet delivery networks. For this reason we recommend the use of either gravel boards (made from reinforced concrete) or cement board (such as Hardiebacker). Available from all good builders merchants and DIY stores.


Step 2
Form a layer of fireclay or perlite
with ciment fondu.





Step 3
Place in position the
oven floor sections.





Step 4
Check that it is
perfectly level.



Step 5
 Place in position the oven mouth without mortar.



Step 6
Place in position the oven
vault without mortar.



Step 7
Drill & insert steel staples to join both  back & sides oven parts



Step 8
Drill & insert steel staples in the back of the oven.



Step 9
Join the refractory brick mouth arch and insert the flue (optional).



Step 10
Cover with 10cm rock wool insulation and render with lime mortar.



Step 11
Prepare your oven for use
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